When Does It Make Sense To Contact AtomicWorkers® For Help With My EEOICPA Claim?

You can absolutely file a claim on your own or hire an attorney to work with you on your claim. However, there are several important reasons why AtomicWorkers is your best bet if you want to receive compensation in a fast, timely manner:

  • The EEOICPA program is complex, and it’s not easy to know which forms you need and how to fill them out. In fact, it’s all too easy to make a small mistake that may result in a denial or at least a delay in obtaining needed benefits.
  • The office workers who are processing your paperwork can’t offer personalized help. They won’t be able to tell you if you are missing a paper or filled out a form incorrectly.
  • Additionally, your home health care service can’t legally apply on your behalf. If you want to file a DIY application, you are truly on your own.
  • Even lawyers may not be the best sources of help. EEOICPA is a specialized form of compensation, and very few people are familiar with how it works.
  • Legal services and even many organizations that offer EEOICPA assistance will charge you no matter what the result of your application is. If you received a denial in the past, you could face steep fees if you want professional help applying a second time.

Filing in Half the Time is Possible with the Right Steps and Support

At AtomicWorkers, we have dedicated experts who are intimately familiar with EEOICPA. Your case isn’t outsourced to a clerk or part-time worker. It’s handled in-house by people who not only know what they are doing, but are also passionate about doing the job correctly.

AtomicWorkers has a no cost upfront, no obligation policy. If your claim does not result in compensation, there is no fee. If you win compensation, we have the lowest fee of any professional service. 2% of your total compensation is well worth the cost to nearly all applicants. This small fee ensures AtomicWorkers has “skin” in the game; we are motivated to do what is necessary to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Are you eligible for EEOICPA compensation? If you know you are or think it’s possible, get started with the right steps to a successful filing today. If you decide you need some extra guidance or support along the way, our AtomicWorkers team is here to help. There is no obligation to work with us, even if you call for advice for your situation.

Still have questions about filing your EEOICPA claim? Connect with AtomicWorkers online or call (720) 644-9161. All inquiries are confidential, and we offer a free consultation.

Click here to download our 5-Minute Guide to EEOICPA Claims

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