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AtomicWorkers® has advocated for over 2,000 EEOICPA Claims since 2013, and it’s more than just a business for us.  We know exactly how the process works, and where the common stumbling points are in claiming your medical and monetary compensation fast.

Learn more about our founder Al Frowiss Jr. and why he is so passionate for helping atomic workers, their spouses, and their children navigate these claims.

One of the first things people ask me is what led me to work with people applying for Energy Employees claims? Well, back in the 1950’s my grandfather helped build roads on what is now called the Marshall Islands.

This was the area where the U.S. Government conducted nuclear tests, about 1,000 miles southwest of Hawaii.

Like many former workers, he was exposed to ionizing radiation which likely led to his Lung Cancer, eventually taking his life. Years later, an envelope arrived in the mail telling us about the Energy Employees program established for people like my grandfather.

After some skepticism as to whether the program was real, my father started the claim process. His years of experience in dealing with Federal, State and Local government bureaucracy helped him navigate the multiple steps and forms, eventually getting a settlement for his mother, my grandmother. This was very timely for our family and her long term care.

Here’s a picture of my grandfather and my grandmother at one of our last outings together.

In navigating the required forms, paperwork and government lingo, we realized how difficult this process could be, ESPECIALLY for those currently suffering or their survivors. We knew we could help others with this process. Since 2007, my father and I have successfully managed over 8,000 claims for former workers and their families, and assisted hundreds of other claimants who for some reason did not qualify for benefits.

Another question people ask is if I’m a lawyer. While I have nothing against lawyers, No, I’m not one. When you sign on with me as your Authorized Representative, you will deal with me 100% of the time. I return your calls directly and reply to your emails promptly. As an Authorized Representative, I lead you through the process, start to finish, proactively and in a timely manner. My focus is 100% on Energy Employee claims.

It’s important to note that an Authorized Representative legally represents your interests, can submit evidence on your behalf and is allowed to contact and communicate with the DOL directly. It is your choice to handle a claim on your own or seek professional guidance from an Advocate or Attorney. Some claims are straightforward. However, statistics show that over 50% of all claims historically are denied. 

The Question is, “Will you know what to do when your case starts to go sideways or is denied?”

When you work with me there is zero cost up front and no fee if we do not win approval for your claim. If you win monetary compensation the fee is a flat 2% after you receive your settlement. There are no hidden fees for mailing costs, administrative time or phone calls.

Our motto from the start has been “We Can Help”. Whether it’s a bit of free advice to point you in the best direction, or taking over a claim midstream for corrective action, or by simply providing information and tools on this web site to assist, We Can Help.

I’ve shared a great deal of what I’ve learned about the process on this web site. While I sincerely intend for this information to help you through the process, there are many potential roadblocks and often times claims are denied unnecessarily. My preference is to work with you from the start so that we avoid unnecessary delays, and secure your claim as quickly as possible. Please help yourself to the tools and information here and feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.