EEOICPA Claims Roadmap

In navigating over 1,800 EEOICPA claims, we have learned a lot about the way that claims are processed and how to tell what will happen next.

We’ve put together this roadmap to help show you the steps in an EEOICPA claim. The Do-It-Yourself path shows the spots where gaps in communication or information may result in unnecessary delays or denials of benefits. The Advocate path shows how the process can go when an experienced advocate manages your claim and ensures they have all of the information ready to go at the beginning of the process.

Still have questions about filing your EEOICPA claim? Connect with AtomicWorkers® online or call (720) 644-9161. All inquiries are confidential, and we offer a free consultation.

Click here to download our 5-Minute Guide to EEOICPA Claims

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