Do I Need a Lawyer to Claim EEOICPA Benefits?

Find out if you need a lawyer to claim EEOICPA benefits or if you can do it on your own.

As you sort through the massive pile of paperwork, you may wonder if you need a lawyer to claim EEOICPA benefits. Filling out government forms is never easy, and you must fill out every line just right to get your compensation. However, this doesn’t mean you must obtain legal assistance. Many people in your situation choose to apply for benefits on their own. Here’s what you should expect if you choose to proceed solo:

The Process Is Long and Tedious

The government makes everything more complicated. Forms contain hard-to-decipher jargon, and it’s easy to overlook a small detail. Still, when applying for the EEOICPA program, hiring a lawyer is not a requirement. If you feel confident enough, you can attempt to file the claim yourself.

Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean you’ll hear back right away. The Department of Labor will take plenty of time going over your application. It’s their job to find any mistakes. And if they do find issues, you may be facing an application rejection. Here are some common reasons you may receive a denial:

  • Missing medical documents
  • Incomplete proof of employment
  • Inadequate legal documents
  • Medical condition needs more evidence
  • Insufficient physician letter
  • Chemical exposure not supported

Don’t assume your benefits will go through just because you deserve them. The department denies over half of all applicants—even those who should qualify. You already have a lot on your plate, and the process may begin to feel overwhelming.

Lawyers Are Not EEOICPA Experts

After reading your denial letter, you may think it’s time to meet with a lawyer. After all, they help people win compensation for a wide variety of situations. Before you consult with an attorney, however, you need to find out how much experience they have with EEOICPA cases. Most lawyers are happy to take your money, but are not well-versed in the EEOICPA claim process, and you may find yourself back at square one.

Furthermore, whether the Department of Labor does decide in your favor or not, you still have to pay your lawyer minimum administrative, phone/email consult, copying, mail and clerical costs. In addition, most firms demand an increasing percentage of your actual claim compensation Do you really need to hand over the money allocated for your medical bills and suffering?

An EEOICPA Advocate Is Your Friend

Instead of hiring a lawyer, consider working with an EEOICPA advocate. Your personal advocate will understand all the current regulations surrounding the program. Furthermore, they will do whatever it takes to guide you through the application process. You’ll finally breathe easier knowing the right person is guiding you.

Before you seal the envelope, your advocate will scrutinize every line of your paperwork. If you need to provide additional documentation, they will advise you before you send off your application. With an advocate on your side, you have a higher chance of reading an approval letter the first time around.

Advocacy When You Need It Most

At AtomicWorkers®, handling EEOICPA paperwork is our only business. We started the company out of a personal need, and we enjoy helping others through the application process. Our rates are reasonable—our clients only pay 2% of their award, and only if approved. You never have to worry about “exceptions” or other hidden fees. 

Over the past 10 years, AtomicWorkers® has helped over 1,500 clients, and we look forward to adding your case to our list. With our knowledge of the process, you can rest assured you will receive an approval letter soon. Get in touch with us to learn why you really don’t need a lawyer to claim EEOICPA benefits.

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