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The AtomicWorkers Advocacy Group has worked to help over 2,000 EEOICPA claims get approved, and we have worked with hundreds of workers specifically in New Mexico worksites.

If you are a worker or former worker at Los Alamos or another Department of Energy worksite who has experienced health problems related to exposure to ionizing radiation or toxic chemicals, we can help you claim your EEOICPA financial and medical benefits.  Qualifying spouses or surviving children of a former worker may also qualify.

At AtomicWorkers, We Can Help.  We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, and if you decide to work with us on your case, we have an upfront, no-risk pricing structure.  If you receive financial compensation, our fee is 2%.  If your claim does not result in compensation, there is no fee.

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We've helped with over 2,000 EEOICPA claims. Here's what a few of the people we've helped say:

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